Micro Moth – 26″ scratch-built Tiger Moth biplane

I love my GWS Tiger Moth 400 so much, that I really wanted another. But I also wanted a small plane, one I could fly in my  street.

At the same time, I’ve also had a growing urge to try my hand at building a plane. I decided to try and build a little Tiger Moth.

I considered building a flat, ‘profile’ plane, cuz they look easy to build, but I don’t really like the way they look. On the other hand, I didn’t feel up to trying to create a fully shaped fuselage and wing. I decided to compromise, giving the Micro Moth a boxy, basically square fuselage and flat wings, sanded into an airfoil shape.

The plane is built from blue 1/4″ fan-fold foam purchased from Lowe’s. You can find out more about its design and construction, here. I’ve given the plane a ‘paint job’ using colored packing tape, but I decided to leave the lettering visible on the tail as a testimony to the plane’s origins.

Pierre in flight

Wingspan: 26″
Length: 20″ prop-to-tail
AUW is 8.0 oz without battery; 9.25 oz with a 610 mAh battery.

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14 Responses to Micro Moth – 26″ scratch-built Tiger Moth biplane

  1. Russ says:

    Hey-hey! Why didn’t you tell me about your blog sooner? Very, very cool.

    Did you have to shape the Tiger Moth’s wings at all, or was it enough to keep them flat?

  2. Russ says:

    Ah, nevermind… One of the photos shows how you sanded them. I need to read posts before I comment on them. Le sigh.

  3. Liam Strain says:

    Kid: “Hey Cool Airplane”
    MC: “Thank you.”

    Kid was right! Cool airplane. Nice build!

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  13. What did you use for a cowl? It appears to be a spare Pico TM cowl?
    Nice job! You have inspired me to try it.

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