Ella – Hippy Horse’s personal GWS Tiger Moth 400

This GWS Tiger Moth has a 38″ wingspan, and was my first ‘kit’ plane. Sold as an ARF (almost ready to fly), the Tiger moth required more assembly than I was used to and was my introduction to sketchy ‘Chinglish’ instructions. Thanks to the guys and gals on RC Groups, I was able to get it put together.

A sweet flier, but my modified landing gear is so strong that, on bad landings, it tends to survive at the expense of the rest of the plane, providing a lever for inertia to tear the fuselage in half (Twice. So far.)

Ella is built with parts from HeadsUp RC, including:

All-up weight (AUW) is 558567 grams, or 19.5 20 ounces.

Hippy Horse has been modded to look around as he flies the plane.

Hippy Horse and Stunt Monkey are Whimzy Pets.

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