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Making a camera ‘wedge’ or ‘ramp’.

Sometimes, you want the camera to point further down (or up) than the default mount allows for. My solution for this is to build these simple, fixed wedges from foam and ultra-thin plywood. This one holds the camera at about … Continue reading

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Yes. Yes I do like planes.

The gas company replaced our meter a couple of days ago. When the guy came inside to relight the furnace, etc., he was like ” … so, you like planes?”

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Re-building the P-51

The time has come to overhaul my Tower Hobbies P-51. Per recommendations from Jesse at Headsup, I’ll be installing an Emax GT2815/05 1500kv motor and HURC 60 Amp ESC.¬†They’ll be driving an APC 8x8E propeller with power from a 2700mAh … Continue reading

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I probably shouldn’t …

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Sketching around

Some 3D ‘sketches’ of a new plane design I’m noodling around with. I still haven’t decided on a wing shape: polyhedral or gull?

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It’s occurred to me that nearly every RC aircraft I’ve bought or built has represented some kind of first. Maybe it’s indicative of my low threshold for boredom, but it seems like every plane is different from the plane before … Continue reading

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ESC Fire!

There’s a first time for everything and today that thing was my ESC spontaneously breaking into flames. I took my GWS Tiger Moth, Ella, out for some flying today for the first time in a couple of months. I mounted … Continue reading

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Replacing a broken flap switch on my DX7.

Quite some time ago, the FLAP switch on my DX7 transmitter just broke off. Horizon Hobby was willing to fix it – if I sent it in – but I was unwilling to live without my Tx for several weeks. … Continue reading

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Laundry room workshop

One of the advantages of having my work table in the laundry room is that these handy cart/basket/trolley things are conveniently near. They’re the perfect place to set a plane while glue dries. I can always get them in there … Continue reading

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What’s it like to fly in Kansas?

Here is the wind at my local weather station, every day for the past two weeks: wind gusting to 38 mph wind gusting to 40 mph wind gusting to 36 mph wind gusting to 23 mph wind gusting to 12 … Continue reading

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de Havilland Comet – Lockheed Lightning – same wing?

Proof that I know almost nothing about airplane design, should any be needed: I was looking at photos of two of my favorite twin-engined planes, the de Havilland HD-88 Comet, and the Lockheed P-38 Lightning when I noticed something interesting. … Continue reading

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Catastrophic de-lam! The Nutball’s out of action.

I took my wife’s Nutball out for a flight this week, only to discover that something’s gone horribly wrong. The Dollar Tree foam board it’s made from has delaminated; the paper has completely detached from the foam. At first, I … Continue reading

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