Stupidest crash ever

Yesterday, I experienced my most ignominious crash so far. I was doing some work on my Tiger Moth 400. It was sitting on the concrete floor of my basement workroom, battery plugged in, ready for me to test the controls.

I picked up my DX6i radio. I’d accidentally left it in Model Select (easy to do with the DX6i) and when I picked it up, my thumb pressed the thumb wheel and the radio went to the model select screen.

What I should have done is scroll back up to the Main Screen again. What I did was press the button to re-select my Tiger Moth.


The radio began the process of re-binding with the Rx. The motor immediately went to full throttle (of course) and the plane shot across the floor toward me. I pulled my naked feet up out of the way just in time and the plane slammed into my chair, busting the prop and banging up the wings.

I just had time to scream [censored] before the radio rebound and the motor shut down again.

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