Hard Candy – Parkzone F-27C Stryker

This is my new Stryker. I bought the naked fuselage and fins online, and transferred the electronics and etc. from my old, crashed Stryker. The motor immediately began going out (of course.)

My current setup is:

AUW is 618 grams (21.8 ounces) with a 2200 mAh 3S.

Photos cannot do justice to how stupid bright that Model Master Racing Red paint is. It is far and away the brightest paint I’ve ever put into the sky. It positively lights up in the sun. It smells HORRIBLE and has a very odd texture and finish. I hate everything about it … except how amazingly visible it is in the air.

For some reason, I had problems with the fit and balance of the new wing. The bulkheads didn’t fit properly for the battery hatch to secure; I had to move them. And the balance was, for some reason, way off. I eventually took the metal screw out of the nose and added lead weights to the tail to bring the CG back where it belonged. No one knows why I should have had to do this. :shrug:


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