New Camera – 808 #11 vs 808 #16

I purchased one of the new model of HiDef keychain cameras, the #16, from eletoponline365 on eBay. (My older cameras were #11’s) The camera has the same basic specs – 1280 x 720p @30fps – but has some important improvements to the hardware and firmware. To read more about this camera, visit the official thread on RCGroups.

The #11 cameras were much worse about ‘hunting’ for brightness and color balance. As you flew, the image was constantly getting darker and lighter, more saturated and then less saturated.

My side-by-side comparisons show that the #16 cameras are much less saturated, overall and that they do a much better job of holding onto their brightness and color balance settings.

I made two test flights: one with my Stryker, and one with my Radian glider. See the comparison video, below.

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