Monday in the park.

I went out to fly with my brother-in-law. I took both my light and heavy Strykers, as well as my new P115 flying wing. He brought his Dynam Hawk Sky and a Champ.

Unfortunately, the Hawk Sky developed problems, but he was able to fly his Champ … at least until I sliced it in half with my flying wing. (Video below.)

I put the Stryker’s new 450 Jet motor through its paces, and tried out the wing on a 2-cell 800 mAh battery. It flew just great!

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  1. Uglydog says:

    I’m just glad you didn’t hit it with your heavy Stryker but still little tape on the tail and a nickel on the noes and back in the air it went. That little champ is awesome. Great day for flying.. good fun!

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