P115 Flying Wing build

This is my P115 wing, hot wire cut from blue insulating foam by RCGroup’s papo. The wing showed up in two halves of slightly uneven dimension – a couple of inches of wing had to be removed to fit things into the box for shipping.

I glued the two halves together with Gorilla glue and cut out a big chunk to provide room for my motor and prop. Wings tend to be tail heavy, so I wanted my motor pretty far forward.

Elevons are 1/4″ balsa, 2″ deep.

The two wing halves Gorilla glued together. Motor area cut out and plywood square motor mount glued in place. Elevons are 1/4" balsa.

I used two HXT900 9 gram servos , an EZ Flite 18A ESC, and anOrangeRx Spektrum-compatible receiver. Motor is a 25 gram EMax 2800 kV CF2805.

Elevons covered with packing tape. Servo pockets cut. Push rods and control horns installed.

Battery compartment cut out

Battery compartment cut out

Cutting out the battery compartment left a large weak hole in the wing, so I hot glued a piece of plastic from a DVD case to the bottom. The battery mounts to this plastic with industrial Velcro.

Battery compartment bottom

Battery compartment bottom cut from plastic DVD case.

Component layout

Laying out the components.

Battery compartment bottom

Battery compartment bottom glued in place.

I left everything taped to the top for the first flight. Once I had the CG down, I cut pockets for all the components and wire.

Ready to fly

Ready for maiden, with components taped in place.

Components cut in

Pockets cut in top for components and wires.

I covered the wing with FauxCote (e.g. colored packing tape) to make it colorful and shiny.

Adding some colorful tape.

More tape.


Here’s the almost-but-never-quite finished wing. The battery compartment cover is made from 2-liter pop bottle plastic, covered with packing tape. No magnets; I stick it down with the tape when I close it.

Finished top

Finished top.

The orange/black border on the bottom is the CG of the plane, built into the paint job for easy reference.

Finished bottom

Finished bottom.

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