L’il B – Hobbyzone Mini Super Cub and my First Love (R.I.P.)

Li'l B heading for a crash.

Li’l B was my very first R/C plane, a bone stock Hobbyzone Mini Super Cub, bought from my cousin at the neighborhood HobbyTown USA. Nothing will ever capture the magic of the very first time I tossed a plane up into the air and it actually flew!

Li’l B spent the night in a tree, and an hour or two in a few others. He nosed in, cartwheeled and just plain crashed. I once tossed him up into winds so strong that it folded his wings back and broke them.

I glued him back together every time. Eventually the all-in-one electronics gave up the ghost. RIP, Li’l B, you are missed.

Some of Li’l B’s bits and pieces survive today as part of my son’s custom mini Cub, Zombee.

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