M27 flying wing

Here is my scratch-built M27 flying wing. It has a 35″ wingspan, and is basically a complete rebuild of my M226 wing, which never met my expectations. I decided to apply some of the lessons learned from my Papa Divine wing (chiefly: big, fat airfoils on a flying wing are a bad idea) and build a new, night-flying wing using the electronics, etc., from the 226.

Here’s the setup:

  • 1300 kV ‘Blue Wonder’ 24 gram motor
  • 20A ESC from Heads Up
  • Two (2) 10 gram HobbyKing servos
  • 850 mAh 3-cell LiPo batteries
  • OrangeRx R610 receiver
  • 48 white LEDs
  • GWS 8060 slow fly propeller

Wingspan: 35″
AUW: 336 grams / 11.8 ounces

The plane is built from Readiboard (Dollar Tree foamboard) with the paper removed. The wing is covered with cellophane shrink wrap and decorated with some colored packing tape. You will find the build thread, here.

beauty1 beauty2 maiden01 maiden02

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