Papa Divine 60″ megawing (MkII) (RIP)

This plane is, sadly, gone. The newest version is here.

My 60″ scratch-built flying wing, the Papa Divine. Papa’s built from four sheets of ReadiBoard (Dollar Tree Foamboard) covered with Dollar Tree celophane gift wrap and decorated with colored packing tape.

AUW – 682 grams / 24 ounces.
Wing loading – 1.8 grams per square inch / 0.28 grams per square centimeter

Papa’s got LED strip lights for night flying (about 80 LEDs in total.) The colors and layout were dictated by the random assortment of LEDs I had on hand at the time (i.e. a lot of blue.)beauty1beauty2




  • 30 amp Turnigy Plush ESC
  • EMAX CF2822 1200kV outrunner
  • (2)¬†Power Up 25g AS3513NG servos
  • 10×4.7 / 10×3.8 slow-fly prop


There’s no build thread for the MkII¬†plane, but you’ll find the build thread for the original MkI version, here. Here are the build dimensions. (Elevons not shown.)plans

I changed the airfoil and some other details between the first/prototype model and my current model. Read more about that, here.

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