Magical dirt clods

I went out to fly my Dynam Waco today. The first flight went just fine – no problems taxiing, flying or landing.

I changed batteries got ready for another flight but, as I was beginning to pick up speed for takeoff, the plane suddenly nosed over as though one of the wheels had stopped turning. I picked it up and spun both wheels. They turned freely, so I set it down and started my takeoff run again when, bang, right over on its nose. This time, I examined the landing gear more closely and saw what looked like a big ol’ rock up in the starboard wheel pant. I was out of time at the field but, when I got home, I took the pant apart and retrieved these two dirt clods. The amazing thing about them is that there is no way they could ever have made their way up there in the first place. The gap around the wheel is 1/8″ to 1/4″ but the clods themselves are 5/8″ at at their smallest dimension.

The only way to get them out was to disassemble the wheel pant which begs the question: how the heck did they get in there?clod1 clod2

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