Scratch-built ‘airfoil’ wing.

Here’s my latest, a 24″ flying wing which I built with a new (to me) method. in-flight-CU I picked an airfoil and then cut 1/4″ off the outside – the approximate thickness of Dollar Tree foam sans paper. I cut out 10 of these airfoil shapes in different sizes, then glued them to a sheet of foam which would become the bottom of the wing. I glued another sheet of foam over the top of them to complete the shape of the airfoil. airfoil-cutouts

If that description is none too clear, here’s a photo where you can see the airfoil ‘ribs’ inside of the hollow wing.


The airfoil shape extends all the way to the trailing edge of the elevons. (Usually, I use flat elevons made from a sheet of balsa.) It was very tail heavy in testing, and I wound up moving the motor forward several inches to balance things.before_after Here’s the finished product:
liverytop liverybottom battery-hatch

AUW: 193 grams / 6.8 ounces

  • KEDA 0.9oz 3000kV outrunner from StrongRC
  • 12A Turnigy Plush ESC
  • 5030 propeller
  • 850mAh 2-cell LiPos
  • (2x) HXT500 6 gram servos
  • OrangeRX R615 receiver


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