Making a camera ‘wedge’ or ‘ramp’.

Sometimes, you want the camera to point further down (or up) than the default mount allows for. My solution for this is to build these simple, fixed wedges from foam and ultra-thin plywood.

This one holds the camera at about 25 degrees from horizontal:img_6347

Here’s how┬áit was made. I started with three pieces of scrap 1/4″ foamboard and glued them together into a 3-layer ‘sandwich.’img_6334When the glue is set, I use a razor knife to cut the foam roughly into shape.img_6335After refining the shape with a sanding block, I glued a rectangle of 1mm plywood to both sides.img_6336When that glue cured, I sanded off any excess foam.img_6340A half strip of my favorite Velcro-type material goes on the top and the bottom.img_6345

When it was all done, I used a black marker to color the whole thing black.img_6346


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