The Frankenstick (RETIRED)

The last time I reorganized all my boxes of parts, I realized I had enough bits and pieces to put together a plane. Thus the Frankenstick was born.

Frankenstick Bottom View

The wing is from an old HobbyZone Mini Super Cub. The fuselage is one of the wing spars from a Stryker. The empenage is made from blue Dow fanfold foam. The landing skids are some heavy piano wire hot-glued to the wing and stick.

You’ll find video of the maiden flights below.

Mystery 20A ESC
37 gram 1300kV Dynam brushless motor left over from a Dynam combo pack.
Cheap orange Hobbyking servos
OrangeRx receiver
850 mAh Lipos
8×6 propeller

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