A nice thermal ride

We’ve had a run of unreasonably calm days here but I haven’t gotten to fly as much as I’d have liked. Today, though, I took my No Drama glider down to a nearby schoolyard and put her up there. Some birds appeared, circling, and I joined them in their thermal.

Now, usually, in Kansas when you see some birds circling in a thermal, that thermal is blowing downwind at 10-15MPH but, today, it was barely moving at all and I put the plane¬†way¬†up there in a nice, gentle ride, until I couldn’t tell if I’d lost control or not.

I shoved the nose all the way forward, though, and down she came so I circled slowly back down to the ground. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t have a camera mounted – I wanted to keep the plane light today – so I don’t have any video or any real idea how long it was up there but this was definitely one of the best thermal rides I’ve ever had.

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