Double Down – scratch built conjoined flying wing

Here is my scratch-built plane, the Double Down. It was inspired by a photo I saw online of two flying wings, one 60% the size of the other, placed nose-to-tail. My eyes misread it as one plane. Later, I decided to make that plane.

Here’s my initial Photoshop sketch. You can see that it’s just two flying wings stuck together.


Here’s the finished plane.

beauty3 beauty4Double Down is built from Readi-Board / Dollar Tree foamboard with the paper removed.

Current setup:

  • 24gram 1700kV HURC outrunner
  • 12 amp Hobbyking Plush ESC
  • 7″ prop
  • (4x) Hobbyking 15178 10 gram analog servos
  • 2200mAh 3-cell LiPo

You’ll find the build thread, here.

(What’s up with the tuna can?)

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