Well, that was silly. Re-doing my movable pilot.

I discovered a few cracks starting in my old Tiger Moth and, as long as I had the wing off for repairs, I decided to take the opportunity to tweak my recent movable pilot mod.

I realized after my first test flight that it would be better to put the pilot on the aileron, rather than rudder, channel, as that channel gets a lot more – and larger – activity. That is, the ailerons move farther, and more often, than the rudder, so I’d see more pilot movement.

I also realized that I didn’t really need the ‘Y’ connector I had so laboriously soldered together from two servo extensions. Instead of splitting the signal from the receiver, I could just program a mix on the radio, itself. Which is what I did, using the aileron channel to drive the flap channel (which this plane doesn’t use). The pilot servo is now plugged directly into the flap channel.

Live and learn.

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