No more hot glue! (Re-building the Pico Moth’s landing gear yet again.)

I’ve officially had it with hot glue. When the weather gets hot, hot glue loosens up and my planes start shedding parts.

The other day (103° F) I took my Pico Moth to a nearby park to fly. When I lifted it out of the trunk, the landing gear – nominally attached to the plane with hot glue – stayed behind. A little later, when I flew my profile F-22, I noticed the Rx – hot glued inside the fuse – was rattling around loose. BLARG!

So it was time to find a better way to attach the gear on my moth. I ended up using a drill bit to carve a channel for the front tube. I set the back tube down in the slot for the stock landing gear. I epoxied both tubes in place.

A more detailed look at the construction of the landing gear is here. We’ll see if this holds up a little better.

Aluminum tubes epoxied in place

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