“Green Bee” – 75% Lazy Bee clone build

A round servo ‘arm’ forms the tail skid.

1/2 of a craft stick glued to the leading and trailing edges of the wing, to reinforce the foam against wear from the rubber bands.  Lengths of bamboo skewer, painted black, to hold the rubber bands. After a quick test flight I discovered the plane was a bit tail heavy so I decided to move the servos forward by about three inches, into the next ‘compartment.’   Making some large, 3″ eyes which will go on the ‘head’ of the plane.As adorable as the plane looks with this short little axle, it just ain’t working for me. With only about a 3″ track, the plane is about as stable on the ground as an unmanned bicycle. If a mouse farts upwind, the plane falls over on a wing tip.

I’m definitely going to have to extend that axle.

Very nearly finished!

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