The Bippa scratch-built biplane

beauty1The Bippa, is roughly based on Flite Test’s Baby Blender, although the construction method, airfoil and empennage are entirely my own. The Bippa gets her name from her pilot, Peppa Pig.

Each wing is created from a single sheet of 20″x30″ Readi-Board (i.e. Dollar Tree foam.) giving the plane a 30″ span. The fuselage and tail are all created from Readi-Board with the paper removed. The entire plane is covered in Dollar Tree cellophane wrap. LED strips within the wings and fuselage light it up for night flights.


  • Tower Hobbies 30-35-1000 Brushless Motor (Stolen from a P-51)
  • matching Tower Hobbies ESC stolen from a P-51
  • 2200 mAh 3-cell LiPo
  • 4x 9gram servos
  • APC 10 x 3.8 slow fly prop
  • AUW: 845 grams or about 30 ounces



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