Katie Bug – junkyard Nutball

Katy Bug in flight

I’ve begun fooling around with a Nutball, made from Elmer’s Foam board and the leftover parts from a HobbyZone Mini Super Cub (motor, gearbox and 3-in-1 Rx/ESC/servo board). Had two very shaky flights before parts started falling off. But it flew.

If this works out, I’m giving it to my niece.

UPDATE: I’ve cut lightening holes through the middle and pulled all the paper off of the foam board, reducing the weight from 7.5 oz down to about 5.4 oz. Hopefully, this will finally be light enough for the old brushed motor to drag it into the air.

UPDATE: I’m giving up on this project. The old brushed motor from my MSC only seems to be giving me about 2.5oz of thrust; that’s just not enough to get this baby airborne. I’ll try a Nutball again when I’ve got a real motor and parts lying around.

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