Chuck “Yeager” Darwin, articulated Waco pilot build

I’m getting a new pilot installed in the cockpit of my Dynam Waco biplane.

My wife got me a Charles Darwin finger puppet for my birthday and he looked like the perfect pilot.

I started by cutting a hole to seat a 5gram servo under the pilot.

I pulled off his coat.


I slit him up the back and removed some stuffing, as well as a magnet from his head.





I epoxied one end of a bamboo skewer into a servo arm,


then I glued the servo arm inside his head.


I screwed two more servo arms together. One fits onto the servo, the other is screwed to it and has the bamboo skewer epoxied in place.


The whole business goes up his shirt, the coat goes back on top, and the servo gets glued in place in the pilot’s seat.


The servo plugs into the gear channel, which I mix with the ailerons in the Tx. And viola.



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