Roc Hobbies Waco – Maiden Flight

Well, the temperature finally climbed all the way to 38F, and the winds dropped to 10MPH so I took my new RocHobby Waco – a Christmas present from my wife – out for a maiden flight. Holy crap is this plane touchy! The first five seconds or so were right on the edge (I’ll post some video in a bit) but I finally got her settled down. I’m going to have to dial some expo in on this plane – I was making the smallest possible movements with the sticks while flying and never felt I could relax for a second.

I flew with an 1800mAh 3-cell pushed all the way forward to the firewall, which put my CG right at the manual’s recommended spot but, man, was it sensitive!

It’s still in one piece, though, so I count that as a victory.




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