My Camera Collection (update)

It’s been three years since I posted a photo of my flight cameras and that one’s gotten pretty outdated, so I decided to snap a pic of my current collection of cameras.Camera collection
Front row: (1)808 #11 camera with fisheye lens glued on; Mobius actioncam; (5&6)808 #16 cameras with wide angle ‘B’ lenses; (3&4) are both 808 #11 cameras.

Center: GoPro HERO3+, wrapped in copper tape to limit its interference with my quad’s GPS.

Back row: The silver camera cases are actually counter-weights. I use them to balance a plane with a ‘real’ camera placed on a wingtip or other extreme location. The one on the right is filled with lead and epoxy, to equal the weight of the heavier Mobius.

I purchased the GoPro from Amazon.

The 808 #11 cameras are all from seller hxelepro360 on eBay.

The 808 #16 cameras, and the Mobius, are from seller eletoponline365 on eBay.

The 1, 3 and 4 cameras rarely fly these days; 3 & 4 are used as ‘hat cams’, and 1 hasn’t been used in over a year. The Mobius is taking over hatcam duties from 3 & 4, so they’ll be gathering more dust, too.

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