A flying … me? RCFlyGuy build thread

In the quest for something a little different, I came upon these Depron kits from Hoosier Cutout Service. You can download plans for free and cut your own, but I opted for the laser cut kit to save me all that finicky knife work.


Step 1 was to pop all the parts out of the two sheets of Depron. I’m saving the scraps for some braces and small additions

Parts and stuff

Parts and stuff

Fitting the feet

After some fiddling around, I figured out that the feet go on the outside of the airframe.

A quick test fit

A quick test fit

Pot Belly

I want the little guy to look somewhat like me, and I’m not quite as cut as the stock model. I used some of the spare Depron to make a bit of a pot belly.

Pot belly - before and after

Here’s the pot belly (after and before). I glued the extra bits in and filled the cracks with some lightweight spackle prior to painting.

Painted Pants

My man will be wearing blue jeans.

Gluing on the 'sides' of the legs.

Gluing on the ‘sides’ of the legs.

Test assembly

Test fitting everything, with the legs and torso assembled.

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