OrangeRx Stabilizer V2 – Delta Wing Setup

I’ve spent hours fighting with the HobbyKing RX3S OrangeRX 3-Axis flight stabilizer. I just could not get the gyros running in the right direction.

Well, I think I’ve finally solved it. My current testbed for the gyro is the SnowDragon wing. The plane uses elevons only. You can see the first test flight at the bottom of this page.

Here are my settings for a delta wing on the RX3S:

  • Mount the stabilizer to the plane
    • Plugs toward front of plane
    • Labels pointing up
  • Use male-to-male servo leads to connect the receiver to the stabilizer
    • Rx AIL -> ORx AIL in
    • Rx ELE -> ORx ELE in
  • Plug the servos into the stabilizer
    • Left/Port servo <- ORx ELE out
    • Right/Starboard servo <- ORx AIL L out
  • Set stabilizer dip switches
    • ORx ELE dip switch NORMAL
    • ORx AIL dip switch NORMAL
    • ORx DELTA dip switch REVERSED (this setting actually enables the delta mix.)
  • Set up the Transmitter
    • Tx Delta Mix DISABLED (No mixing on the transmitter)

Here’s a photo of the plane, with the stabilizer mounted top center on the wing.

Here’s a close-up. The stabilizer is mounted with the label facing up, and the plugs toward the front of the plane. The servos are lying on their sides, with the arms facing the outside of the wing. Servo orientation can effect your settings.

First test flight with the OrangeRx Stabilizer.

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