Snowdragon – Coroplast / fanfold KF hybrid build

A friend of mine ran for Senate this year (and almost won!) I collected a few yard signs at the end of his campaign with the idea of building something out of them.

I thought about a Nutball or a Funbat, but I’ve already got those. Looking through some Corroplast (SPAD) forums, I found the Draco which I liked the looks of.

My Corroplast sheets are only 18″ x 24″ and the flutes go the short way, so I’ve scaled the original plans down to about 70%, to work with my maximum wingspan of 36″.

I cut two wings and joined them with a wing spar from an old Stryker.

I’m using KF4 Kline Fogleman airfoil on mine. The Corroplast is heavy as  so I’m using it for the main wing, but making the steps out of (much lighter) blue FFF.

The fuselage stick is a $5 Walmart carbon fiber arrow.

My preliminary setup:

AUW: 420 grams

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