Glassing the Wings – trying to save the Pico Moth

Here is my GWS Pico Tiger Moth after nearly every flight.
Pico Tiger Moth, crashed again

Profoundly tired of constantly repairing the plane’s over-brittle wings, I decided to try adding some fiberglass for strength. I’m only glassing the wings out to about 1/3 – 1/2 of the way from the fuselage.

I bought a bolt of 0.55 oz fiberglass cloth. This was the lightest glass I could find. I’m using MinWax water-based polyurethane to bond it to the wing.

Encouragingly, the fiberglass and polyurethane added less than 3 grams to the weight of the lower wing. Sadly, I forgot to get before and after weights for the top wing but, hopefully, the repair should add less than 1/4 ounce to the plane’s weight. The new pilot probably adds more than that.

Post repair AUW: 303 grams. Pretty heavy for a Pico Moth, but whatcha gonna do?

The amazing news is that, not only does the plane still fly, but it can actually survive a minor crash!

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