My most ambitious video yet

I love to create videos of – or onboard – my planes in flight. I’ve done over a hundred of them in the past two years. At first, it was enough to get any kind of onboard video at all but, as time went by, I started adding titles and music, concentrating more on the cutting, and generally trying to make them better and more interesting.

But I generally fly out of the same few fields and there is only so much you can do with video of the same field of grass.

Looking at the better onboard videos on YouTube, it occurred to me that they often feature more than one flying location. Even if they’re, say, flying in the mountains it’s not all the same part of the same mountain over and over again.

So I set out on a little project to travel around my town with my flying wing and try to find a few sites that were a bit more interesting than my usual flying fields. I ended up using four to six locations, depending on how far apart locations have to be in order to count them as separate.

It was 100+ on all three days, with nasty, gusty winds. For the final location at the railroad bridge, I had to angle the plane 30-45 degrees into the wind to get it to fly straight down the tracks.

I’m still struggling to eliminate vibration from the motor. I’ve balanced the propeller to death, and still get wobbles in the video at high throttle settings. 🙁

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