Nutball build thread (RETIRED)

After suffering a catastrophic de-lamination when moisture and humidity caused the paper to separate from the foam, this plane has been retired.

I’ve convinced my wife to build a plane and she’s chosen a nutball, which she plans to decorate like a ladybug. Herein lies the chronicle of its buildenating. I’ll be updating this post as the build progresses.

She’s using these plans from FliteTest.

Build setup:


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3 Responses to Nutball build thread (RETIRED)

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  2. Jon says:

    I read you retired this plane as the paper layers came off. Have you tried removing the paper from the foam and then applying the packaging tape or film? It made my planes significantly lighter and no paper to come off.

    • Mark says:

      I haven’t tried that with this plane, but I’ve had good luck using packing tape as a cover in other builds.

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