New tires for the ECX AMP monster truck

More-or-less on a whim, I ordered some new tires for my truck. Frankly, had I understood what a PITA it would be to swap tires, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. That’s why I always jump into projects blind.

Turns out, as anyone who knows more about the subject that I did already knew, that RC tires are attached to the wheels with some manner of super glue. I tried two different methods for loosening the glue – a heat gun and baking them in the oven – with no results at all.

Finally, I bought some acetone and sealed the wheels and tires in a Ziploc bag with enough acetone to submerge one side of the rim. After 3-4 hours, this loosened the glue sufficiently to pry the tires off.

You can still see the remaining glue around the bead.

A brand new Pro-Line Dirt Hawg II All Terrain Truck tire, mounted.

All four new tires mounted.

The truck sporting its new shoes.

What to do with these? Start a miniature tire fire? I guess I’ll keep them in case the Dirt Hawgs turn out to be a mistake. 


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