ECX AMP Monster Truck

I’m mostly a plane guy but sometimes, when it’s too windy to fly, I’ll occasionally hit the dirt with my ECX AMP.

Upgrades, thus far:

  • GoolRC S3660 3300KV Brushless Motor
  • GoolRC 3650 3900KV Brushless Motor
  • GoolRC waterproof 60A Brushless ESC
  • Aluminum rear shocks
  • Pro-Line Dirt Hawg II All Terrain Truck tires
  • FlySky GT2 2CH 2.4 GHz Tx / Rx
  • 2/3-cell LiPo batteries


Because of a little too much of this…

…I shorted out my first replacement Rx in about five minutes. I decided to make the replacement a bit more water-resistant. With some fingers lopped off of a disposable nitrile glove…

…and some small zip-ties, I bagged the Rx and some other bits.

A shot of the new GoolRC S3660 3300KV brushless motor, as well as the aluminum rear shocks.

To accommodate my existing collection of LiPo batteries, I installed a strip of my favorite Velcro-type fastener, as well as a couple of Velcro straps instead of the stock battery holder.

That’s the (red) ESC heat sink and fan on the right.


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