Making a cooling scoop mod for the Kung Fu

My Kung Fu flies great and climbs like a rocket but, with everything enclosed in the fuselage, the battery and ESC get a bit warm at the end of long flights. I decided to add some cooling holes and, since there’s not a lot of easily accessible space at the front, I decided to add a ‘hood scoop.’

I went back and forth about placement. I think it would probably look better on the top, but that required cutting through three layers of glued foam. Instead, I went in at the side. I still think it’ll look pretty neat.

I started by forming a simple scoop shape from a scrap of Readiboard with the paper removed. I covered the outside with packing tape, to help resist cracking when I shaped the foam, and to give a nice spot of color.scoop-mod-2Placing the scoop against the fuselage, I traced the inside of it and cut a large hole right over my ESC.scoop-mod-1I attached the scoop with some glue. (Here, it’s still pinned in place.)scoop-mod-3Incoming air needs an exit, so I cut a shaped hole in the very rear of the fuselage.scoop-mod-4Here’s the finished scoop, ready to ram fresh, cooling air over the ESC and battery.scoop-mod-5

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