Well, that’s not good.

Yesterday, I took my Blade 350 QX out for the first time in … forever. It’s┬ádeveloped the nasty habit of flipping onto its back and crashing.

I upgraded the firmware to 3.0 (a story in itself) so that I could test the motors one at a time and listen/watch for problems. I’ve clearly got some.

I’ve proceeded to tear the whole thing apart to try and diagnose the problem. This involves removing a ridiculous number of allen screws in three different sizes.


Motor #3 in pieces.motor-tear-down

I found this thread on RCGroups about replacing bearings in the motors. While trying to follow the instructions and gently tap the bottom bearing out, I instead knocked the cover off the bottom bearing and inside I found what I can only assume to be a piece of bacon. No amount of prying with pins and tweezers will extricate this weird bit of detritus from my bearing.

bearing-bacon bearing-bacon2

I’ve ordered four new sets of ceramic bearings Fast Eddy Bearings.

The old bearings were really in there and I destroyed most of them in the process of knocking them out of the motor. One of them popped apart and this guy came out, so now I know the origins of the piece of ‘bacon’ I found in my first bearing; it was the chewed remains of one of these rings.


Fortunately, the new bearings went in with much less trouble. I was able to press most of them into place with my hand.

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