This is my JAS-39 Gripon. It’s my first EDF (Electric Ducted Fan).

I’ve had a series of problems with this bird, mainly having to do with its CG. Out of the box, the plane is way nose heavy.

JAS-39 Gripon

There is no room in the battery compartment to place a larger battery, which wouldn’t help anyway as the battery position is forward of the plane’s CG.

Nor is there any room to push the battery back farther to compensate.

I currently have a full ounce of lead taped to the exhaust pipe to achieve a decent balance but, of course, this saps my performance. It’s a shame, this would be a great plane otherwise.

No room to shove the battery back.

Lead on the tail

There’s an ounce of lead taped to the tail for balance.

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