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I love business cards. Not in an American Psycho way, you understand, but I love ‘em. I currently have three different business cards that I give out, depending on context, but do you know what I’ve been handing out a lot more often? My hobby card.

Hobby card is a term I just innovented. It’s the hobby equivalent of a business card: contact information for your hobby persona.

I fly R/C airplanes. I occasionally run into other fliers at local parks. I used to introduce myself and sometimes give them my email address or the address of my blog, usually written on the back of a candy wrapper I found on the floor of my car.

A few weeks ago, while helping a friend design and order some business cards, I got the idea of printing up a few business cards of my own, with my RC contact information on it. I settled on just the blog address, and designed and ordered 100 of the simple cards above from OvernightPrints for $4.95 plus shipping.

I’ve handed out at least one most days since.

I draw a lot of people in with my LED-illuminated night flying planes. They’ll ask questions about the cost, the equipment, the online stores where I purchased my gear and so forth. I hand them a card. It’s all on my blog.

In fact, I started my RC blog as a personal database of sorts, a way to help me keep track of data such as motor is in which plane, where I bought that camera and how much a given plane weighs. It was originally an Excel spreadsheet, but I realized putting it in blog form would make it more accessible, and easier for me to share.

I don’t know how many people will contact me again, or draw any inspiration from my fleet of planes or my various RC projects. Maybe lots and maybe none. But I like handing out what feel like invitations to join the sport.

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