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de Havilland Comet – Lockheed Lightning – same wing?

Proof that I know almost nothing about airplane design, should any be needed: I was looking at photos of two of my favorite twin-engined planes, the de Havilland HD-88 Comet, and the Lockheed P-38 Lightning when I noticed something interesting. … Continue reading

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Catastrophic de-lam! The Nutball’s out of action.

I took my wife’s Nutball out for a flight this week, only to discover that something’s gone horribly wrong. The Dollar Tree foam board it’s made from has delaminated; the paper has completely detached from the foam. At first, I … Continue reading

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My Sporty Little Plane achieves some fame.

Yes, the Dabbling Teal has achieved its 15 minutes of fame, being featured in the April issue of Quiet & Electric Flight International Magazine. Even though Dereck got the name of the plane wrong (It’s the Dabbling Teal, not the … Continue reading

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Flying in Kansas

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What’s the deal with propellers?

The two primary measurements are the prop’s diameter, and its pitch. Diameter is self-explanatory. Pitch is the amount of twist each propeller blade has, and how much air it will scoop up as it turns. A propeller with a pitch … Continue reading

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I saw you flying at night – tell me about those planes!

I often attract a few people when flying at night. If you’re one of them, welcome! You probably saw me flying one of three planes: my Radian glider, my light Stryker or my Slow Stick. These planes are all custom … Continue reading

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How can I get started in RC, and what does it cost?

Like most sports, hobbies and avocations, R/C flying can cost anywhere from a little to more that folks like you and me can imagine ever spending on a sport, hobby or avocation. The good news is you can be up … Continue reading

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Hobby Cards

I love business cards. Not in an American Psycho way, you understand, but I love ‘em. I currently have three different business cards that I give out, depending on context, but do you know what I’ve been handing out a … Continue reading

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